Bukit Besi Iron Ore Mine

The Bukit Besi Mine is an open pit mine that enjoys an abundance of public utilities and infrastructure. Thanks to our prior experience in iron ore deposits within the vicinity, the Group was able to quickly deploy a Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) compliant drill campaign in early 2017. With our deep knowledge of the local geography and people, we quickly expanded our operations from one drill rig to five drill rigs in less than a year.

Location Advantages
Excellent Public Infrastructures and Strategic Location
3G Network Coverage
Water Supply
Electricity Supply
State Roads and Highways
90 Minutes to Airports
86KM to Kemaman Port

Expanding Our Operations
At Fortress, we believe in bringing the greatest value to our shareholders. We have implemented key strategies that have enabled the Group to increase efficiency and maximize the scale of our operations. Some of our initiatives include the building of infrastructure, the rigorous testing on processing plants for commercial production and the construction of office buildings.

Iron Ore Mining and Production Process
The iron ore mineralisation in the Bukit Besi Mine is fresh rock with very little weathering, which can only be accessed through blasting.

Below is an overview of our operations, from iron ore mining to iron ore concentrate production at our Bukit Besi Mine and processing facilities.

Iron Ore Concentrate Processing Workflow