Fortress Minerals Group is a leading iron ore concentrate producer in Malaysia. Our Group is principally in the business of exploration, mining, production and sale of iron ore concentrate. We presently produce magnetite iron ore concentrate with TFe grade of 65.0% and above, mined from the East, Valley and West Deposits in our Bukit Besi Mine., and sell our iron ore concentrate primarily to steel mills and trading companies in the PRC and Malaysia.
Fortress Minerals Group is a leading iron ore producer in Malaysia, recognised for our unique culture, innovation and industry-leading development of infrastructure and mining assets in Bukit Besi, Malaysia.

Since Fortress was founded in 2017, we have discovered and developed significant major iron ore deposits and constructed a significant mine in Malaysia. We are focussed on our vision of being the safest, lowest cost, most profitable iron ore producer in the region we operate.

With longstanding relationship with customers in China, Fortress has grown to be recognised as an efficient and low cost supplier of seaborne iron ore into China.

Fortress owns and operates integrated operations in Bukit Besi, and the fleet of trucks [ ] to complement the efficiency of Fortress’ operations.

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Fortress's Executive Team is accountable for the safety of our people, upholding our values, acting with integrity and honesty, and leading the business to achieve our vision of becoming a safe, low cost iron ore producer in Malaysia.

Fortress aims to deliver products which create value for all stakeholders including shareholders, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which the Company operates. As part of this, Fortress works hard to maintain a competitive cost base and pursues opportunities to optimising near-term production to maximise profitability and cash flow while maintaining options for growth should market conditions allow.

Fortress has a strong history as an independent Malaysian mining company with a vision for an even stronger future. Our mission is to drive value for shareholders, personnel and all third parties involved in our business through strategically acquiring and developing robust mining projects.

We have a proven record, stretching over two decades, of successfully developing mining operations from initial discovery through to production. While the highly volatile iron ore market poses ongoing challenges, the successful development and operation at nameplate capacity of the BB Project is a testament to the hard work of everyone involved with the Project.

In early 2016, Fortress commenced a strategic retransformation process to identify new potential project development and investment opportunities in the broader resources sector. Our strategy to drive future value is predicated on capitalising on the following:

  • Healthy financial position
  • Our in-house technical and financial experience
  • Positive long-term outlook for the base metals sector

Realising our vision of being a safe, low cost and profitable iron ore producer is at the heart of everything we do at Fortress.
We continue to undertake early stage, low cost exploration on iron ore prospective tenements in Malaysia and elsewhere and have assessed high potential, early stage exploration tenements in [ ], where Fortress was granted 32 exploration areas.



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